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Every time I sneeze, there's a picture. So check out my mucus art~


Decent quality, jealousy-ensued art~
Just wanna let everyone know that I'm not sad about myself like I was last year. Things have been going pretty great actually! I've been working (on my third animation this year, five if you count small extra projects), talking with friends, making new friends, and feeling more proud of myself.

But stuff in life has been making me slightly stressed. I've noticed I've haven't been sleeping well lately, like I'll go to sleep at 3am to 5am (wake up at 9) or maybe barely sleep at all. I've been getting slight panic attacks, like stomach droppings and heavy breathing (near hyperventilation).

Sometimes work is too difficult, the good ol' cabin fever since I work from home everyday alone, I'm not going out to so much since I don't have a car and I really really hate asking my friends for rides, there's a person I'm afraid of who won't stop contacting me and it's been giving me nightmares (or insomnia), there are more family issues, my little kitty might be sick, I'm worried about new projects whether they will actually happen or not and I'm too afraid to bug them, my mom is sick and I'm struggling to put time to help take care of her, all that jazz basically!

I'm alright really. I'm just venting. I'm talking with friends and my dad, and I'm sure things will work out. I can still function well, mentally and physically.

But this is sort of what I meant when I said that I'm trying to find a balance between my work and personal life, and I guess that's what making me stress out a little. I do try to lighten up but it does get hard sometimes.

I'm definitely gonna treat myself more, or at least try to. A be a little more confident. That'll be my goal!

Thanks for hearing me out, or rather reading this long journal thing. Sorry if I sounded a little dramatic. Here's hoping I can handle these issues~
  • Mood: Pain
  • Listening to: I don't wanna be scared anymore
  • Reading: Focusing on work helps though
  • Watching: I hate cabin fever
  • Playing: it's bad enough strangers stalk me
  • Eating: blegghh
  • Drinking: I just wanna sleep in peace!!!!!!!


happydoodle's Profile Picture
Sandra D. Rivas
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States

I'm an Animator and Digital Illustrator, currently in freelance

*The programs I use for digital work are Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CS5. For traditional I use ink brushes/pens and occasionally Prismacolor markers

For animating I use Toon Boom Animate 2, occassionally Flash Mx and Adobe Flash depending on certain projects.

:heart:cARToons, crazy, comedy, creativity, and cats:heart:
:poo:laziness, getting distracted, and buses:poo:

You can also find me on

Please Read: I am no longer doing free requests. Sorry~

Let's have some fun, shall we?~

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Would you happen to have any completed animations done, or are you just studying it?
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