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I'm in Peru atm and the internet is pretty slow so if I end up posting stuff twice then sorry
sup guys,

sorry for being so absent, I know I say this a lot but I was occupied with work and loads of other stuff. here's some work I did last year

Eddsworld Mirror Mirror (what a journey, thank god its over)

Starbomb Hero of Rhyme (0:49 and 1:15)

Starbomb Simple Plot of Metal Gear Solid Snake (0:56, 2:05-2:25, 2:38 with some help of course)

I've done a bunch of other stuff but this is half of what i'm allowed to show.

I'm still pretty damn busy but i try to be active on my tumblr ( and twitter (

I'm still a part of yotta working on loads of other stuff so keep on the lookout. I'll post and share as much as i possibly can.

Probably because I'm still finishing the Eddsworld "Mirror Mirror" cartoon. Lots of stuff has happened lately so I haven't been too active lately, especially here.

I am active on my Twitter -->

and on Tumblr -->

and i got a newgrounds account now, still trying to learn how to use it haha -->

I wish i could say more but i need to get back to work. Bye bye!!! :heart:

i am hella tired lol