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Hey! I hope everyone is having a fine 2015 so far. I've been incredibly busy recently. I spent the entire January animating and helping finish a cartoon by Ben Anders for the Nickelodeon Global Shorts Program (I think that's the name, i dunno i don't feel like looking it up). We (talented artists and I) worked non-stop, weekends, little to no sleep, and poured our blood and sweat into it. We have no idea when it will be released but we will give everyone a heads up when it does.

ALSO, I'm still animating the Eddsworld cartoon "Mirror Mirror". I guess I'm allowed to talk little about it since the Eddsworld twitter kinda spoiled it for everyone. Again I have to work day and night but it should hopefully be finished by either end of Feb or beginning of March? I really hope so because I am exhausted...

You can look at some sneak peeks I posted on my Tumblr handle -->

I've mostly been active on Tumblr and on Twitter (shameless promotion nyuk nyuk nyuk)-->

So far the plan is.... Finish Eddsworld, take my first break (for about a week maybe), and possibly start on commissions...???

My schedule should be pretty cleared up but I was thinking on doing some serious commissions (so I can live). During the break, I'll do some planning and post my info regarding types of commissions and prices. I might even consider doing animation commissions, but we'll get into that later. If you guys are interested, then let me know. Hopefully by March I'll be free and open for discussion.

And I can definitely say that the commissions business should go a lot smoother than the first time i tried. I'm sorry for that by the way. I was able to clear up the commissioners waiting and thankfully no one wanted to murder me (bless you guys btw), but this kind of mess won't happen again. A well-planned schedule will be laid out and no school should interfere since I've already finished long ago.

Oh and another question. When I receive my paychecks, I am thinking of investing in either a Cintiq Companion or a Surface Pro 3. I use big programs like Toon Boom Animate, Photoshop, Manga Studio, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Flash (well not really) so I need to be certain which of those portable tablets will be beneficial for me. I love freelancing, despite my TWITTER BITCHING, but it does get overwhelming being in the house 24/7, plus my Latina skin needs a hot tan. I am also planning on traveling (Seattle, east coast, hell) so it would be nice to bring my work with me. I did read Frenden's review on both of the tablets but a second opinion would be most appreciated.

And now i have to go shower because my artist hands and pits smell. and i haven't had coffee in two days so I have to wait until i scrap up enough money to get another Trader Joes coffee can. or maybe i'll die. FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EPISODE

Bye cuties. I love you bbys :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: MUAH MUAH
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