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Hey buddies!!

The new Starbomb music video - SMASH is out!!!

I had the pleasure of coloring some sequences from my amazing friend Paul ter Voorde :iconpaultervoorde:

Check them out!! -->…

Follow Studio Yotta for more goodies -->

I joined Yotta a while ago (thanks to my good pal Jake Ganz) and this was the first project I helped out on. I'm so thrilled to be a part of this amazing team and I hope to work on more projects with them. It makes such a difference to work in group.

Personal life has been super crazy but things have calmed down and I have my hours back to finish that darn Eddsworld cartoon!! Progress has been very slow but I'm working on it. I will try my best to post gifs or screenshots on my tumblr or here depending. There's a lot I can't show to avoid spoilers but I hope to keep you guys updated! :heart::heart:

I know I have to work faster with more hours because I'm gonna be working on my friend's cartoon for Nickelodeon. We just finished recording the voices and setting up the animatic. My friend is revising the boards and we get started right away! I'm super stoked! Two projects at the same time, but excited nonetheless. I can handle it! ....I hope O_O....

Sorry I haven't been posting here much, or Tumblr. I really want to draw and make more silly things but work and life come first. Hopefully 2015 will be the year I draw more for myself, but I'll post about that later.

Okay enough excitement, back to work!!
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Hey guys!

Sorry for responding so late. Been pretty busy with freelance lately. I'm working on little animations for the KoopaKungFu channel, and I have just started on the Eddsworld episode after the animatic got approved.

Also I will be working on cartoon by my good friend Ben Anders for Nickelodeon (… ). I was hired as an animator and I'm excited to work on it! It's still being written so it might take a while.

Aside from that, I'm trying to look for a part-time job, which is a bit embarrassing but I do need the extra money. I am dead broke so I need to do everything I can.

I am going to start taking commissions, but I'm still preparing for the charges (on a sketch, ink, or color) since it's been a while. I'll make an announcement hopefully very soon. But if any of you are interested in a certain type of special commission, email me at and I will happily discuss with you. :)

And thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts! I'm so grateful that you guys would still comment here, even since most people are moving to Tumblr. I always feel bad for neglecting Deviantart, since this was my personal space at the time when I was a young kid with self-conscious and anxiety issues. I still go through that sometimes, but I'm getting better!!

I'm 24 now, finished with school, and now in freelance working my way up to either a job at a studio or more freelance projects. I don't know what the future will hold but I'll keep working hard. This year I managed to work on over 4 animations, and I'm not gonna stop! C:<

Again, thank you everyone for all the support!
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I watched two youtube videos about animations and... youtube hahaha!!

They're very interesting because it's a topic I'm super passionate about, in terms of art career vs financial stability.

I won't rant for too long, but I hope some of you guys understand the hard work artists go through. when I see comments like "art isn't a real job" or "make cartoons faster", I get livid.

With me, derogatory insults don't matter. You can call me whatever you want, I've been called worse by people I know. But ignorance on the animation process and business really gets to me. At least understand that even a minute animation takes a super long.

Having over 100,000 subscribers does not equate success for a youtube animator. And it's much more than not using adblocks.


OTHER TOPIC I've been feeling a little better. Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I've been surrounding myself lately with wonderful friends that are super positive and inspirational. It was rough before because I didn't use to have a lot of friends, and I've been through conflicting friend relationships. But things are getting better. I am going to make an effort to learn how to relax. Stress is just a part of life UvU~

Almost done with my third cartoon this year! I feel pumped!!
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Just wanna let everyone know that I'm not sad about myself like I was last year. Things have been going pretty great actually! I've been working (on my third animation this year, five if you count small extra projects), talking with friends, making new friends, and feeling more proud of myself.

But stuff in life has been making me slightly stressed. I've noticed I've haven't been sleeping well lately, like I'll go to sleep at 3am to 5am (wake up at 9) or maybe barely sleep at all. I've been getting slight panic attacks, like stomach droppings and heavy breathing (near hyperventilation).

Sometimes work is too difficult, the good ol' cabin fever since I work from home everyday alone, I'm not going out to so much since I don't have a car and I really really hate asking my friends for rides, there's a person I'm afraid of who won't stop contacting me and it's been giving me nightmares (or insomnia), there are more family issues, my little kitty might be sick, I'm worried about new projects whether they will actually happen or not and I'm too afraid to bug them, my mom is sick and I'm struggling to put time to help take care of her, all that jazz basically!

I'm alright really. I'm just venting. I'm talking with friends and my dad, and I'm sure things will work out. I can still function well, mentally and physically.

But this is sort of what I meant when I said that I'm trying to find a balance between my work and personal life, and I guess that's what making me stress out a little. I do try to lighten up but it does get hard sometimes.

I'm definitely gonna treat myself more, or at least try to. A be a little more confident. That'll be my goal!

Thanks for hearing me out, or rather reading this long journal thing. Sorry if I sounded a little dramatic. Here's hoping I can handle these issues~
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Sorry I've been neglecting DeviantArt lately! I love you guys I swear!! Thanks for still sticking around even if I've been absent.

I'm still working in animation freelance!! I've been animating for my favorite Let's Play channel called KoopaKungFu! I've worked on a couple projects with Daniel, the owner of the channel, including another short that I'm currently working on! It is loads of fun and I couldn't be more grateful! =D

Aside from that, I am about to work on EVEN MORE animation projects with other clients. I can't say much yet but I'm very excited for them and hope things go smoothly with them.

ALSO, I am trying to look for jobs on the side, whether it'd be a part-time in a store or a start in the industries. I don't know how long until something happens but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

So as I've been pretty busy with my work, I'm also taking care of personal things in my life. So sorry if I haven't been posting much. I will not most likely not be able to attend conventions like Anime Expo and possibly Comic Con since I'm trying to save money and handle some things at home.

I have gotten questions about commissions! I've managed to finish MOST of the delayed ones, including bonuses because of the long wait. Again sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!!!! I think I have one more to finish and then I'll be officially clean. As for future commissions, I'm not sure when I'll be open for them but I will let you guys know. Again because of the freelance work, it's been eating up my time (until I hopefully manage to find a balance).

I'll try to post some more animated gifs if I can, and if I decide to livestream again, I will try to let you guys know.

Thanks again for bearing with me!! Sorry for the long message, I just wanted to keep you guys updated!

Bye bye! =D
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Hello, everyone!!

I've been really busy with animation projects and such. In fact since January I've been doing nothing but animate! I've been working specifically for a client, who's been incredibly great and congenial. So far the projects have been secret so I can't really show them yet.

BUT, I can show you another one of the projects I got to be a part of. My good friend :iconpaultervoorde: animated the latest episode "Fun Dead", and I got to help as an assistant cleanup for a couple scenes, Matt trying to get the monkey and the Petting Zoo.

I'll show more animation work later, just as soon as my client gives the approval.

I miss making digital illustrations, but at least I'm working!! >:3

See you guys soon!~
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Oh yeah that's happening... I'm a huge fan of the Rayman games (mainly Origins and Legends) but I'm honestly not upset about this.…

I already know Rabbids Movie will do poorly. I don't know about Europe but they're not likable in the US. And I'm well aware of how Hollywood produces films based off famous or notorious franchises.

And with Rayman not getting a movie. Honestly? Good.

Unless Ratchet and Clank do well, I don't think giving Rayman a movie is a good idea. I don't want him ruined. Knowing Hollywood, they would probably create a childhood past of young Rayman, make him fall in love with Ly, Barbara, or whoever (blegh), make them learn a life lesson, and sing a pop song.

No thank you. He's too pure to be messed with. And I bet Michel Ancel is not interested in giving him a film either. It's a good thing Rabbids and Rayman are now separate franchises.

Let Hollywood ruin Rabbids. I don't care.
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I have so much stuff to finish

But let me start off and say that I've finished most of the late commissions that I delayed for so long. Only two more to go!!

To my commissioners, because of my inexcusable lateness, I upgraded your commissions. So if you paid for a sketch, then you will receive yours inked. And so on.

Obviously after this, I'm gonna have to wait a while before I take any more of the character sketch commissions. I'd love to but after that, I don't know if I'm qualified for a while. If I do them again, then I will definitely make some changes. There were some mistakes I made that were part of the reason for the delay.

I'm so sorry for the long delay. I never forgot about it but life and school got in the way and I'm absolutely terrible at organizing and getting my mess straight.

I am working on freelance projects at the moment so it might be a while before I decide that I'm ready for commissions again.

Sorry for this. Next year will be better. T_T
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I never publicly evaluated one of my favorite games. I'll definitely try to be brief.

  1. Beautiful art direction and atmosphere, definitely an improvement from Origins
  2. Creative boss battles
  3. Music levels
  1. Easy levels; I wish the music levels would have been challenging like the Tricky Treasure levels and Land of the Livid Dead. The only challenge was Dark Rayman and couple last levels Olympus Maximus.
  2. Barbara dark counterparts; some of them feel like they were put in Photoshop and the hue and saturation was altered. I wish I could have seen different designs
  3. Back to Origins; some of the levels didn't look great in the Legends environment and they were changed to be really easy. Even the Tricky Treasures. I would have rather the developers instead just make a new world.
  4. The Teensie Magician; still mixed feeling about him. I loved him in Origins because it was a silly concept but maybe he didn't need to be hugely involved in Legends
  5. The ending after the dramatic intro

As for the characters from Rayman 2 or 3 that didn't come back I don't care really. I'm sure they have reasons for never bringing Ly back.

A lot of people liked Origins over Legends and I completely understand but I don't feel that way. I loved Origins but some of the levels were tedious, same with the boss battles, and obviously the insubstantial story if I want to be really picky.

I love both the games and they have their positive qualities along with negative. Despite my critics, they are both my top favorite games.

Okay now I'm off to finish school forever~

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now how do you do that
I finished it finally :heart:

It had some annoying parts but overall I enjoyed the game. I've always been a fan of Mario and Luigi RPG games C:

I've used my 3DS a lot recently~
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Technically I joined this site in 2003 (with a previous stupid account) so it's been great being a member for 10 years.

I'm very connected to this site and grew up with it. Despite the attention I give to Tumblr and Twitter, I somehow manage to go here. I dunno how man, but I guess I just subconsciously log on, unlike Sheezyart.

I like your updates, Deviantart! You don't screw us over. Kudos to the portfolio feature and StashWriter. Totally more worth it to pay for my submission.

The popular deviations are hilarious. Everyone complains that it's all My Little Pony now, but it was always ridiculous, with Sonic, Inuyasha, Death Note, Naruto. Nothing really changed with the fans really except their interests.

I love you, Deviantart! Keep being weird!
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I feel terrible that I've gotten sweet messages from you guys and I never responded to each of them.

Thank you all so much! Your messages, all of them, made me very happy! Again I'm sorry that I've been mopey and silly. This actually happens a lot but I've tried to repress it until it builds up and I end up in a huge mess.

Things are a bit busy right now. Between going to a summer course, taking care of a baby kitten, and community service at an animal shelter for a few weekends, I've had trouble organizing myself.

I'm not so great at time management and remaining focused, but I'd like to change that. I'd also like to work on a couple projects before the year ends, so I'm starting off with small ones. I've got so much planned!! =D

And I have been stressed with my university, but my dad and I paid off my tuition the last semester ever!! It wasn't wasn't easy but the nightmare is finally over.

And to those wondering if I'm okay...... I'll find a way. I just need to make some changes and I'm being childish by just moping. I'll try to be better person.

And right now I want to get back to work.
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I agree with this post but I've never told anyone to not to go to art school or university.

People ask me all the time what school do I go to (ALL THE TIME). I always respond "just a cheap state university", but it kinda of bugs when people want me to be specific when it really doesn't matter.

I don't like the bureaucratic system in my university. I think taking GE classes are a waste of time and should only count as electives. I hate how the university uses the horrible methods to teach us art since it never works. I hate how the Art Department does not offer a lot of classes compared to other departments.

I took over five Animation classes and none of them helped me. What helped me was studying from the "Preston Blair Animation book". I studied it on my own time when I was doing an internship in Florida (nothing to do with my career but it was fun).

I've seen students struggle because they were not taught properly how to draw or animate, and they graduate with a degree that means nothing if you don't have the skill.

BUT. BUT. I had some of the best professors in school. Professors that actually pushed me to get shit done and participate in events.  I have so much to add in my portfolio thanks to them.

So there's always a good or a bad when it comes to art schools. Or sometimes it's just mostly bad.

Here is my point: Nobody gives a shit what school you go to. Do you want to go to school and don't mind spending the money? Do it! Don't want to go to art school? Okay fine! The industries won't care.

It's like using an art program. STOP ASKING WHAT WE USE. Nobody gives a shit if you use a tablet, or a mouse, or a cintiq, or Photoshop, or Flash, or even traditional.

Stop thinking that you need to go to the best art school or use the best program to be the best artist. Everything about your skills depends on you and how you learn and absorb the information.

So shut up with the questions. Learn how we learned, through Google and research. Discover, learn, fail, and try again. Be open-minded, be inspired, and be determined. Everything starts with action, not from sitting on a couch wishing you could be like Glen Keane.

Just do something, whether it's going to college, working your way up the industry, starting your own business, or whatever. At this point it really doesn't matter. College will never go away. But your life will.

EDIT: Okay guys I'm not saying, "Don't go to art school.". I'm basically saying, "Go to school if you want, or don't, it's your choice." Don't be lazy and say that you don't need school but in the end you work at McDonalds because you didn't take another action. Some of you are completely missing my point.

I went to college because I didn't have a choice and no other option. Now I'm a little prepared. My uni didn't prepare me but it gave me time for my future. Sometimes we need school for any reasons, sometimes we don't.

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Go play New Leaf and watch Monsters Uni

I loved them C:
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let's talk about games. E3 was super cool. I only own a Wii U so unfortunately I won't play a lot of Sony games that look fun.

I'm excited for Donkey Kong and Mario & Luigi Dream Team. I might get Pokemon X or Y and possibly Yoshi's New Island. I'll probably play Super Smash Bros at a friend's house instead of buying the game.

Yeah there's Mega Man but I'm not a huge fan of the SSB games anyway. The first was the only one I genuinely enjoyed.

I'm not sure if I'll get Super Mario 3D World or Mario Kart 8 but my brother probably will so I'll end up playing them.

Obviously I've pre-ordered Rayman Legends since I've been waiting forever. Kinda scares me that Ubisoft is publicly expressing their high hopes for the game. I'm not sure if they desperately want the game to be a success because of the delay, or if they genuinely feel it's a good game.


whatever bye
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I hate making these kind of posts because they're stupid and I don't see the point

So yeah to those that have been wondering if I've been feeling down. Yes I actually am. Not a huge shocker since I'm a sad dummy everyday.

But yeah I don't know why I'm feeling this way and I hate it. Crisis that I'll be finishing college soon, previous semester that nearly drained me (wasn't seeing friends and hardly drawing), or maybe the rejection from jobs and internships for the 3rd time and I'm just feeling a bit off. I don't fucking know but it's stupid that I'm sad and shit.

It's not related to my art. I don't wanna sound cocky but I actually like my artwork, despite my silly modesty.

It's just me as a person. I really hate myself. A lot of people assume that I'm this amazing person because of my art, which is very sweet but sadly not the case. I'm actually a boring, gawky, and quiet person and I wish I was different everyday. It's the same feeling when I was in high school, where I feel left out and disconnected. I get scared that people will grow bored of me and leave.

I'm not sure how to get over this but it's been interfering with my work. There's a special project I've been working on for 6 months and I'm losing motivation. I'm losing motivation for lots of things. To even fucking get out of my bed or wake up.

Thank god it hasn't interfered with my social life yet. Yeah I have a social life with friends and I still feel lonely. I'm such an ungrateful cunt.

Maybe that's just the case. I went to my mom for advise and she said that "I should visit a place with mentally challenged or handicap people so I could learn to appreciate what I have". So maybe I don't appreciate things enough.

I don't fucking know but just thought I would update you guys. Sorry about this. I hate making these kinds of posts.

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It started already but now I can finally get to work

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  • Listening to: Christophe Heral, Billy Martin
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I love you guys

now back to life
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